SQL Server Reporting Services performance monitoring

I’ve been doing a little bit of SSRS performance tuning lately and it has been somewhat of a challenge since I’m not all too familiar with Reporting Services. I was however thrilled when I found out about the ExecutionLog2-view in the ReportServer database and the fact that it has timings for the various parts of rendering each and every report that is run. The format of the view is somewhat self-explanatory but there is an xml column with some extra info that needs to be panned out as well, so I created this simple query to get it all out in a nice tabular format. (Detailed descriptions of the columns can be found on Robert Bruckners blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robertbruckner/archive/2009/01/05/executionlog2-view.aspx)

USE ReportServer
  Report = REVERSE(LEFT(REVERSE(ReportPath),CHARINDEX('/', REVERSE(ReportPath),1)-1)),
  TotalDurationMS = DATEDIFF(ms, TimeStart, TimeEnd),
  DurationDataRetrievalMS = TimedataRetrieval,
  DurationProcessingMS = TimeProcessing,
  DurationRendering = TimeRendering,
  ReportSizeKB = CAST(ByteCount/1024.0 AS decimal(18, 2)),
  ProcessingEngine = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/ProcessingEngine)') AS varchar(200)),
  ScalabilityPagination = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/ScalabilityTime/Pagination)') AS varchar(200)),
  ScalabilityProcessing = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/ScalabilityTime/Processing)') AS varchar(200)),
  EstMemPaginationKB = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/EstimatedMemoryUsageKB/Pagination)') AS varchar(200)),
  EstMemProcessingKB = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/EstimatedMemoryUsageKB/Processing)') AS varchar(200)),
  DBQueryTimes = CAST(AdditionalInfo.query('data(/AdditionalInfo/DataExtension/SQL)') AS varchar(200))  
FROM ExecutionLog2 WITH (NOLOCK)
WHERE ReportPath <> 'Unknown'

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